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Above and Beyond Bespoke

Some bespoke tailors go the extra mile to service their clients. Especially when you are opting for a bespoke suit or semi-bespoke suit. Here are some instances where you can go above and beyond the average handmade experience if money is really no option:

Look for a hand stitched understructure. At the core of a first-rate suit are layers of wool and mohair with springy horsetail woven in to ensure the shape will be kept. The jacket is sewn over this foundation, and a suit is born that feels phenomenal, hides flaws, and gives shape and lasting form.

Maybe you haven’t noticed before, but hand worked buttonholes can be a masterpiece. Using pure silk thread that withstands wear and tear, each stitch is beautifully knotted over a strand of thick cord running around the edges of the buttonhole to protect it from being stretched out of shape. This is done on both the front and back of the jacket, so both sides have a finished look.

Look for a tailor that will give you additional fittings. Even for making adjustments of as little as 1/8 of an inch, these slight modifications can have a considerable effect on the overall fit and feel of a suit. The rule of thumb is to find a tailor that will give you as many fittings as it takes to make it right. And even better some will even let you alter the suit for free in 3 or 6 months time.

Go with traditional construction that is made to last. Using a tailor that is familiar with traditional Savile Row techniques is a good idea. As Savile Row in London is the birthplace and has been the epicenter of bespoke tailoring since its inception, the methods of making bespoke suits are the result of centuries of knowledge and consistent experimentation. It’s an investment that lasts, as it’s not uncommon to find a Savile Row suit that is worn twenty to thirty years after it was made.

The sky’s the limit. Some tailors give you a near limitless choice of cloth or design to help you achieve your vision. Whether it’s a request for the finest wool yarn that’s stretched to 250 centimeters, 24 karat gold threading, having your name woven into the stripes or simply custom embroidery, if you want it, you’ve got it.

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