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Buying Bespoke On A Budget

Are you a ready-made suit buyer who trudges around from store to store all day until you are so exhausted, you end up buying something merely adequate?

Why not use your time and resources more efficiently, and look great because of it? Now, the bespoke, or made-to-measure, suit service is more readily available than ever. Here are some different working approaches for different prices.

One way to go for a reasonable cost is to find a large tailor that outsources his work. Together, you’ll pick out the cloth, he’ll take your measurements, and then he’ll send everything out to a computer cutting facility where your suit will be crafted on a virtually error-free system for a ready-made look. Or, your tailor may chose to work with an independent outsource that does the work by hand, giving you a more flexible and unique result than that of a computer system.

It’s even possible to order a custom-made suit over the mail or on the internet. Just fill out a form with your measurements, chose your cloth style and color, and send it all in with your payment. This is a budget service, so it’s not entirely consistent, and it works better for pants than for jackets. However, it’s an option for those short on time or funds.

If you already have that perfect suit and you wish you could just clone it… well, you can! This specialized service is called copying. Again, depending on how much you want to spend, the methods used to copy the original suit can either give a basic duplication, or a geometrically exact replica.

On the higher budget range is the true bespoke tailor. These people have the talent, experience and staff of skilled professionals to create your unique handmade suit. From drafting a pattern specific and complimentary to your body type, finding just the right fabric, fashioning the perfect jacket, choosing the ideal buttons, adding hand stitches, creating detailed lapels, cutting pants that hang well, and designing vests that are like a second skin, these fashion experts can make your "bespoken" ideas into reality.


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