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Bespoke Suits for Women now too

IIf you are the type of woman who’s interested in looking like one-of-a-kind, are struggling to find quality clothing off-the-rack clothing, or would like clothes that fit just your size, bespoke can be your answer.

The bespoke market was previously available only to men while women were more inclined to buy designer or even couture clothing.  But today, the top bespoke designers agree that the action is in women’s made-to-fit tailoring. The trend for women is moving towards clothing that is uniquely theirs.

Where does a women start the bespoke clothing process?  Ask for referrals from friends, co-workers, designer clothing stores, or search online for bespoke specialists.  Although most are in Europe and Asia, it’s not uncommon to find bespoke tailors in many cities worldwide.  Also readily available are tailors who will travel to your home.  It may sound out of reach, but there are many bespoke tailors that work within varying budget ranges.  Do your homework and hire someone who you feel has good taste and will execute the look you want.

Once you’ve found your bespoke specialist, you’ll discuss your needs.

Take a suit, for instance: you’ll talk about its purpose, whether it’s smart and serious for the daytime office, or fun and sassy for a business dinner; what the most suitable cuts are for your body type; which fabric is the most practical and comfortable; you’ll pick a color that’s in season and that compliments you too; and go over the finer details like pockets, stitching and buttonholes. 

This process will be repeated for your other individual needs as well, whether you are looking for a stunning dress to reflect all of your hidden womanly potential, or a casual “you” outfit to wear on the weekend that’s comfortable and that also looks great.

It will feel like an eternity, but within a few weeks, your new clothing should be ready.  It will have been made without a pre-existing pattern, measured to an exact fit to you, and be exactly and only yours. 

“Bespoke” is primarily a British term for clothing that is made to the customer’s request and required specification. For women, this type of fashion is often called haute couture. With guidance, the customer chooses the cut, the fabric, the color, even the detailing of the lapel, the pocket styles and the stitching around the edges. Then the garment is made without a pre-existing pattern, measured to an exact fit to the individual. The piece is literally custom-made new each time and no two pieces are exactly alike; the precise opposite of “ready-to-wear,” or prêt-à-porter, where clothing is sold finished, in standard sizes.

The bespoke style of neat dress is analogous to London’s legendary Savile Row. But don’t think bespoke tailoring means persnickety tailors and inflated prices, it’s a modern movement too. Often, the tailors travel to busy clients at home or in the office for a fitting session and to discuss the design of the suit. These meetings are relaxed and enjoyable with discussion about factors such as lifestyle, working environment and personality. A few weeks later, the made-to-measure suit is ready and can be delivered to the door at a reasonable price. The result is a person who looks and feels fantastic in made-to-measure clothing, and often for the same price as most off-the-rack suits.

There are many bespoke tailors, or custom clothiers, who want to make someone their new first suit or a new special suit for that made to order look. They want their clients to look good, as if they are wearing a work of art that will last and last, and often sell online and offer great sales.

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