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How To Find The Perfect Suit

Just like most everything else, finding the perfect bespoke made-to-wear or off-the-rack suit is about who you know. But it can also be about who you don’t know. The best way to find a tailor is to ask a snazzy friend, respectable looking co-worker or well-dressed gent on the street for a referral. There are also great search options on the Web where you can narrow down your selection by style, price, proximity and customer service.

Many people consider a suit to be an investment. An off the rack suit of good quality will cost a minimum of $300, a bespoke suit starts around $500, so when making your purchase, make sure it’s a suit you really like and don’t settle for less.

Other deciding factors of price have to do with grades of quality. Familiarize yourself with such details like invisible stitching, fine or higher twist yarn, sharp tailoring and lining in the pants. Any good tailor or salesperson can explain the pros and cons of each, but again, it comes down to knowing what you like ahead of time.

When shopping for a ready made suit or going for a fitting, prepare to spend some time. Wear a dress shirt and shoes to get an accurate idea of how everything will look together. A good tip is to try on an expensive suit first, to see how a really good suit looks, how it hangs, and the feel of the fabric.

You want the salesperson or tailor to guide you towards current fashion trends and help you avoid fashion pitfalls. However, be honest if you don’t like something or if you are uncomfortable.

If you are shopping off the rack, your suit should still be well-fitted. Expect to have your measurements taken before you are shown anything.  Your neck, shoulders, sleeves, chest, waist, inseam, and drop measure will be measured.

Once the suit is finished, try it on at the store. If something doesn’t feel or fit quite right, have it altered. It may cost a little more, but it’s normal and expected to do so.

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